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Diving in Fernando de Noronha

I decided to write in English this small article so that I can share with my friends from abroad and whoever does not speak Portuguese the feeling of diving in Fernando de Noronha. The archipelago is located in the Northeast coast of Brazil, approximately 545km far from Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco. The Brazilian Government controls the number of visitors in the Island and a fee is charged daily in order to protect the environment. All rubbish produced in the Island, for example, is sent to the continent by boat so that the sea will not be polluted. In some beaches is not even allowed sun tanning lotions because it will damage the natural pools. 
Praia da Conceição
 In the past Charles Darwin and Jacques Cousteau visited the Island and both were fascinated by its beauty. More recently Lonely Planet Guide called Fernando de Noronha as “one of the most beautiful places on earth”.
From the top of a hill I had this view.
As a Brazilian I am very proud to say it is so true. To dive in Fernando de Noronha is a unique experience. It is the feeling of being in a big aquarium surrounded by the most impressive range of marine life. The crystal blue water of the Atlantic Ocean provides visibility up to 40 meters deepness and the temperature of the water is around 25C. As you swim towards the bottom of the sea you may meet a turtle that will not mind to be with you for a while. The breathtaking fishes come from everywhere and some are so colorful that is hard to believe it is a real fish. I also had the chance to see sharks and to swim with a ray.
Audy & Daniel Araki                Photo: Tatiana Vasconcelos

I cannot think of a word to describe how I felt in that scenery. The pictures only give an idea of how wonderful is to be at the bottom of the sea. I must say that for a moment I was so much taken by the peace and silence which was just interrupted by the sound of my breath that I thank God for the great opportunity I had to be there. Needless to say the memories of diving in Fernando de Noronha will be always in my mind.
Photos I took from the boat

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